Ann Physiocare provides treatment which helps to alleviate pain, re-educate movement pattern, reduce tone and improve over-all functional independence. Our treatment consist of Neuro-development techniques, bobath technique, mobilisation and manipulation for spine, neuro pilates. Our treatments are tailored to individual’s clinical presentation and symptoms.
Musculoskeletal physiotherapy at Annphysiocare helps primarily to reduce pain and inflammation thereby increasing joint range of motion and ultimately with good strengthening program all activities of basic daily living are restored. Our treatment consists of manual therapy, soft tissue moblization, massage, muscle energy techniques, myofascial release technique, combined with electrotherapy to provide a unique treatment to attain a very fast recovery.
At Annphysiocare our main aim is to maintain your physical condition, we achieve this by assessing three different parameters, which are muscle balance, posture and exercise to ensure client can start or continue an exercise program without injury. By correcting faulty movement pattern and muscle imbalance, we can improve performance and prevent recurrent injury and relieve pain.
Every year British business loses more than 20 million working days through work-related illness and injury. Nearly half of these are due to back pain, joint and repetitive strain injuries (RSI). At annphysiocare we do postural correction, ergonomic advice, stress management and treat work related musculoskeletal pain. Our occupational health services are delivered by experienced, qualified clinicians whose focus is to support you to keep you healthy at work.

Ann Physiocare

We Provide the best physiotherapy consultation, advice and treatment for clients with different medical conditions and background.

Ann Physiocare’s objective is to enable you to become independent from treatment as rapidly as possible. We involve you in the process; we share with you in our understanding of pain. We listen to you in your understanding of your condition and pain. We discuss and explain the possible structural and functional changes causing the difficulty and pain. We show you how you can manage at home. We want you to achieve the fastest possible recovery to full health. Whilst injuries can reoccur, 70% of these can be treated at home with our expert help Pain can be scary and it is easy to avoid doing something about it. We give you guidance to help you work through this.



Our highly skilled qualified experienced physiotherapists work hard to make sure we get to the root of your condition as soon as possible. As a part of initial consultation, you will undergo a mechanical assessment to determine how your condition developed and what aggravates your symptoms. Your general health will also be discussed. Your posture will be observed and you will be asked to perform certain movements to see what effects your pain. We will test your strength, mobility and function to help us diagnose your condition.
Treatment plan will most likely include individual exercises that will treat your unique ailment to help you get back to doing the activities you enjoy as soon as possible. If we are unable to help you then in consultation with your referring GP, we will refer to an appropriate person to manage your condition.
If you are attending physiotherapy following a referral from a Health professional or Hospital, we would be grateful if you bring all supporting documentation with you to the first appointment. This includes any X-ray reports or referral letters. This enables the physiotherapist to give you the most appropriate treatment.