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What happens when I come for my first appointment?

When entering the clinic, please introduce yourself to the receptionist at Physiotherapy Reception and take a seat in our waiting room. Your first appointment may last 35 minutes, and will involve an assessment  as well as a physical examination. From this assessment, you and your physiotherapist will set treatment goals to restore or develop your potential. Your physiotherapist will then discuss the proposed treatment, likely outcomes and probable time frames with you. You are welcome to ask questions so that you can make informed choices about your treatment. You may decline any treatment/s you do not wish to consent to, and have the right to do so at any time.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

If you have been given a referral, have X-rays or other test results please bring these with you.

Can I bring someone with me?


You are welcome to bring friends or family with you.

What should I wear?


Ideally wear loose, comfortable clothing. For neck and upper back problems your physiotherapist may ask you to remove your top. For lower back and hip complaints, you may be asked to remove your trousers. Appropriate clothing will help you to be comfortable during the assessment and help us to assess the problem well and develop the very best treatment plan for you. If you have and specific queries regarding attending the clinic which we may have missed to mention, please contact us and we will try all our best to suit your needs.

What are your charges?


Initial Assessment £35
Follow-up Appointment
Home Visit
Sports Massage
– Legs only
– Back, Neck and shoulder
– Whole Body

What are your payment terms?


Payment is appreciated after each consultation, either by cheque or cash.

Will my private health insurance cover my physiotherapy consultation fees?


We are recognized by and work along with many major health insurance companies, most health insurance policies do cover, or part-cover, physiotherapy fees. Please check with your insurance company.

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Do I need a referral?

A referral is usually not necessary, although if you have one please bring it with you so that your physiotherapist can communicate with the referring practitioner if necessary.

A referral is sometimes required in order to claim for physiotherapy costs on your health insurance. Please check with your insurer.
Cancellation Policy:

If you need to cancel the appointment, please try to give us 24 hours notice and we can do our best to re-arrange.Cancellations made on the day of the appointment will be charged at 50% and non-attendance will be charged at 100% of the fee.