About Us

Who We Are

imagesANN Physiocare provide a range of physiotherapy services for individuals, businesses and insurers.

We follow a holistic approach to assessment, comprehensive treatment, functional rehabilitation and advice and education on injury prevention. We have multiple locations, where the emphasis is to provide our clients with the skills and motivation to self-manage their problems and to rapidly become independent from therapy.

We have a highly skilled and experienced team with a proven record of success in the prevention and treatment of musculo-skeletal injuries. 

We pursue an evidence based approach to musculo-skeletal medicine, undertaking a thorough bio-mechanical assessment as a prerequisite to developing treatment options which encompass joint mobilisation, manual therapy, Acupuncture,  functional rehabilitation programmes ans skilled hands- on approach for release of fascia, articular, neural and soft tissue manipulation .

We strongly believe that working together as a multi-disciplinary team in co-operation with our clients produces sustainable results for our long-term goals of minimizing injury and the associated costs as well as enhancing well-being. We are committed to a quality approach of continuous improvement.

To arrange an appointment, please call now on 0800 612 6475 or email: rehab@annphysiocare.com